Cycleco offers several years experience in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and continuously strives to provide its customers with high quality/ISO 14040-compliant scientific studies. A broad and profound expertise which fosters a) the delivery of comprehensive solutions like the PCR or Product Category Rules b) the provision of thorough ecodesign-motivated life cycle assessments and life cycle inventories c) the calculation of all types of products and services’ environmental footprint.


Ecodesign is the appropriate method for reducing the environmental impact of a product; optimizing the consumption of natural resources, saving energy, fostering recycling are all objectives to be reached. Cycleco’s LCA engineers bring their support to professionals who wish to undertake and put into place a true ecodesign strategy and convert it into an asset.

EU’s Product environmental footprint pilot

Cycleco has developed a sizeable expertise over the years in product and sector-specific rules like European Commission’s Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules and Product Category Rules which aim is to ensure comparability between similar groups of products from the industry. This « at the European level » experimentation has brought Cycleco to work in close collaboration with several governments (notably the French and the Swiss governments) and European institutions (European Commission).

Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment is high up among Cycleco’s activities. Our engineering consulting firm works closely with key stakeholders with whom it jointly takes part in shaping LCA’s future, both European-wide (via the European Commission) and world-wide (through UNEP). Cycleco actively contributes to the development, the revision as well as the improvement of LCA standards and eco-labels. This implies Cycleco’s intention and engagement to continuously provide its customers with the best present-day solutions.

Life Cycle Inventories

Developing, structuring life cycle inventories is an area of ​​expertise in itself. Cycleco belongs to the limited number of database developers who provide a wide LCI catalogue to governmental organizations as well as large companies who wish to 1) be supported in their action, e.g. development of intermediate products / implementation of processes 2) be guided through the phases of datasets dissemination, documentation and appropriate format conversion.

Products’ environmental footprint

The calculation of products’ environmental footprint (PEF) and the Environmental product declaration (EPD) are two methods which relate to LCA-based environmental studies. Several environmental assessment systems were developed around the globe latterly. The majority of these systems imply European Union member states. Cycleco is regularly brought to manipulate these tools and is in a position to help you assess the footprint of your goods and/or services.

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