Greener buildings thanks to the life cycle assessment method.

Effectively reducing the environmental impact of buildings is a critical challenge which e-LICCO is set to take up! The tool contributes to the erection of more environmentally friendly constructions by means of the Life Cycle Assessment method.

  • An online software for all users, whether they are beginners or LCA experts
  • A building sector-dedicated tool armed with an extensive database which relies on a proven method
  • Complete & reliable results which meet the requirements of the LCA method

e-LICCO helps professionals of the construction industry (architects, building engineers, project, real estate and design studio managers) assess the impact of their buildings. In addition to bringing LCA’s efficiency and reliability to everyone’s reach, it meets the need to abate constructions’ repercussions on the environment at the very early stage of their design phase, as well as it constitutes an ideal public tender submission support tool.

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