Cycle it system

Cycle It System is an easy-to-use LCA software for the economic and environmental evaluation of products stemming from industrial systems.

Cycle It System can be customized to fit your requirements and can potentially adhere to any specific database or manufacturer. Its interface can be parametrized so that it perfectly sticks to a particular product type, database, process or material (e.g. furniture, train components, plane parts, printers …)

Cycle It System is a practical online application, enabling practitioners, whether they are beginners or experts, to successfully conduct an environmental assessment (which simultaneously incorporates ecodesign) of industrial parts. The tool is particularly well adjusted to the assessment (both Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Assessment) of polymer or composite parts,  alloy-based metal components, specific surface treatments, as well as processes such as forming and assembly.

Its greatest strength lies in its rich database of polymers, composites and metals (but also processes like painting and surface treatment), which encompasses almost all industrial scenarios. The integration of Life Cycle Assessment and Costs makes it possible to establish a link between environmental and economic indicators, thereby facilitating evidence-based environmental decision-making.

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