Cycleco is an independent consulting firm founded in 2009 by Jérôme Payet. The company specializes in three major business activities: Life Cycle Assessment, Ecodesign and Environmental Footprinting.

        In their daily activities, companies face challenges like profitability, product sustainability and social equity. Life Cycle Assessment, commonly referred to as LCA, is a holistic approach allowing companies to appraise the environmental performance of their products and processes. Adapting, evolving, innovating in the field of environmental assessment is a major concern for enterprises. Public and private organizations show significant disparities in the way they address and assimilate environmental issues. The integration of environmental issues also raises questions such as the inclusion of environmental performance indicators in daily business activities, their incorporation in tender submissions, and the willingness to give priority to actions based on eco-friendly behaviours.

        With extensive experience in supporting both public/private sector organisations, Cycleco actively gives its assistance to sustainable development protagonists who wish to elaborate, as well as bring into force, environmentally-friendly business strategies. Cycleco comprises a team of qualified LCA engineers with experience in diverse branches of industry (mechanical, construction, textile and agrifoodstuffs industry, just to name a few). Cycleco can guide you through the maze/steps of environmental assessment and provide you with the best – suited to your particular needs – solution.

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