LCA software developed by Cycleco

The LCA software developed by Cycleco aim at providing both a reliable and efficient solution to beginners as well as experienced end users.

Cycleco’s LCA software, namely Cycle It System, e-LICCO, Food Print (currently available in French), Sivea, Solca and Spin It, embrace various branches of industry, such as the agri-foodstuffs, the construction and the textile industry, just to name a few. They foster the calculation of products’ environmental footprint and encourage the implementation of a true ecodesign approach.

  CYCLE IT SYSTEM is an easy-to-use LCA software for the environmental and economic assessment of industrial parts.

    E-LICCO helps construction stakeholders design eco-friendly buildings by means of the LCA method.

    FOOD PRINT is a cutting-edge LCA software dedicated to agrifoodstuffs’ ecodesign and environmental footprint.

    SIVEA for the assessment of building structures, network infrastructures and outdoor open spaces planning.

    SOLCA enables the assessment of photovoltaic systems’ environmental performance.

    SPIN IT is an LCA decision-support tool, addressing textile products’ environmental footprint and ecodesign.